Cat Veterinarians Who Really Care

At ASAP Vet, we realize how stressful and scary every veterinary visit is for your cat. That is why we have multiple ways that we reduce the stress of your cat’s visit, from special “cat only” exam rooms to special products and treats located throughout the hospital to reduce your cat’s anxiety throughout their visit.

Our Staff Has The Skills, Resources, And Compassion To Handle Many Of Your Cat’s Medical Issues. We are here for you when…

  • Your cat is vomiting
  • Your cat is having diarrhea
  • Your cat is itching, losing hair, or having skin issues
  • Your cat is having allergies or an allergic reaction
  • Your cat won’t stop scratching their ears, shaking their head, or experiencing ear infections
  • Your cat is having discharge or squinting of their eyes or experiencing eye infections
  • Your cat won’t stop sneezing, coughing, or their nose is runny
  • Your cat has any cuts, scrapes, bite wounds, burns, or lacerations
  • Your cat has a broken toenail or an injury to their paw pad
  • Your cat is limping, crying out in pain, or has a broken bone
  • Your cat is scooting their rear end, licking their behind excessively, or having anal gland issues
  • Your cat is having bloody urine, trouble urinating, unable to urinate, or any other urinary problems
  • Your cat ate something they are not supposed to, including a toxin (chocolate, raisins, grapes, poisonous plant, etc.) or a foreign object (sock, toy, towel, etc.)
  • Your cat has been bitten by another cat, a spider, or a snake
  • Your cat is having seizures
  • Your cat is dehydrated
  • Your cat has a fever
  • Your cat is not eating as much or not at all
  • Or if your cat is just not acting themselves

We hope you never have to deal with any of these issues. However, we are here to provide diagnostics and treatment for your cat and get them feeling better ASAP while minimizing their anxiety associated with their visit.

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While we are able to handle most illnesses and injuries, there are a few things that may require a true emergency room, overnight care, or surgery. We can absolutely help direct you to an emergency hospital nearby to ensure that your cat gets the care they need in those rare instances.